Wednesday, August 12, 2009


This is a big rock I had George bring down off the hill into my yard this spring. I had it over by the maple tree, but I decided I wanted it here by the steps to keep the dogs from running through here to get under the deck. I meant for him to lay it down here, but this is the way it fell and this is the way we left it. He says I better be happy because he is not moving it again.

Now he is out there spreading red clay around the yard to fill in low places where we drive and where the water has washed dips in the yard. This week end he had better be hauling gravel to cover the red stuff before he starts tracking it into the house.

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Sister--Three said...

Laura will come up and paint ADAY on that rock. She painted a dog treeing and Renfroe on one for larry.

I had to get insurance on the new place yesterday...I guess on the 21st of Aug. We will own the house in the Meadow.