Saturday, August 15, 2009


Emmy gets to be the big girl and drive the little ones around.

First we get in.

Then we go around behind and pull the cord to start the engine.

Go around and get in.

Then off we go.

After all these big steps, the little girl thinks she is the big girl. Both girls had lots of fun. For Hannah it is just Emmy this and Emmy. Emmy is so good at taking care of both kids, but the two girls really get on well.

The boy gets his turn.

And he rides with Grandpa, cutting a path through the pasture so Emmy has more space to ride the cart.
The boy is going to school every day, riding the bus, really enjoying it and doing very well. The girl was tested and scored so well she does not get to go until she is 3 in December. When she does get to go to school, big brother will be there on the bus and at school to show her the ropes and take care of her.


Sunshine said...

I am glad she gets to go even if she has to wait. She will be so excited to go with big brother when the time comes.

Anonymous said...

Sister can help take care of brother too. I bet he thinks he hot getting to go and Hannah having to stay at home. sis 3

Anonymous said...

i need a path to