Thursday, July 27, 2017

Tomorrow, off to California

Tomorrow we go west, young man, young woman and 2 old people.

George's sister's Memorial is Tuesday Aug 1 at the Taft Cemetery. 

We should get to Taft Sunday night. We will be in Taft till the morning of the third we move to Casitas Lake campground near Ojai, about 30 minutes from Ventura.  I wanted to stay on the beach at Ventura, but that is fair week and we could not find a beach spot.  On Friday, Aug 4, remember August 4, 1972?, we move to Ventura about a mile or two from the beach.

We plan on going up to Santa Barbara for one day and visiting Robert's grave and enjoying a day at the Warf and beach there.  Sunday, Aug 6, we are going out on a Whale watching tour boat.  Hope to see lots of sea animals and fish.  I am really looking forward to this. 

We start home Monday, Aug 7.  Should take about 3 days to get home.

See you later.

We may even visit this place, as we pass within a few miles on our way back.


Sister--Three said...

Is Helen boss while u are gone?

Sister--Helen said...

Glad all is well...enjoy the trip...take pictures at is 78 a ND sprinkling it

Panharith said...

enjoy the trip...

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