Friday, June 16, 2017

Following orders

Helen sez I need to water Mama's flower garden every day.  Wednesday, we went to the mountain and I did not get the watering done.  Last night, I went to water.  The flowers all looked fine even with going a day without a drink.

There is one beautiful gladiola. 

In amongst other plants, including a few weeds.

Many, many marigolds.

She said I did not need to go inside, but I did. The TV is still there, so I don't guess any thieves have stopped by.  This is daddy's chimney.

Everything is well.  Today, Grandpa goes to drag the girl off Bobo mountain.  The boy has enjoyed his time to himself, doing whatever he wants with the boss gone.  I hope he kept up with the chores she assigned him or he will be in big dodo.

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Sister--Three said...

Ohhhh, if I only lived close, the purple flower would be in my garden! It would thrive as stolen flowers grow the best.

I hope Hannah had a much fun without Robert as Robert had without Hannah.