Friday, April 14, 2017

Goat Update

We sold 2 of our grown nannies last Saturday.  We got the check in the mail yesterday and they brought more than any we have sold so far, $240 each, $440 total.  We sold Miracle, a 2 year old nanny that kept loosing babies and Ivy a 10 month old nanny that took ill with iodine deficiency a few weeks ago.  Miracle was a good looking nanny that was due to kid next month, but Ivy still looked ill to me.  I am amazed they sold as well as they did.

And, here are new pics of our 3 babies.

The middle one is the billy that got such a rough start.  He is doing good now, but I could not get a good pic of him.  He would not stay put for a close up.

Today is go home early day.  Yeepee!

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Sister--Three said...

They're cute but I don't want one!