Saturday, February 04, 2017

For the birds

I walked over to the molder corner.  Saw 3 eagles, or maybe just 2.  Church lady picked me up on the way back by J. R. Snow's.  It was cold.  The eagles do not come out in sight when it gets up towards 50 or so.  I wonder where they go when it is warm.

I came home and made potato soup from shredded hashbrowns.  It is easy and I love it, but I was editing the birds and forgot about it.  It was a tad overcooked and burned to the pan.  I ate it anyway.  It would have been better if I have cooked it only 10 minutes instead of 20 or so.

Today we are having George's birthday dinner, pork chops, potatoes and gravy plus chocolate cake.  

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Sister--Three said...

Happy Birthday George...I think it is number 70! Whew.