Sunday, January 15, 2017

Seth William See

Seth William See
Born 10/02/09 11:05 AM
WT. 6 LB 10 OZ
19 1/2 inches long

Helen is being a pest again.  She always wants a family b day calendar.  She wants me to fix it and print it and print pictures to go with it.  She says I do not have her 4 youngest grandkids on my google calendar or the birthday calendar.  I know I added them all either last year or the year before. I guess I forgot to tell google to repeat them.

I have a genealogy filed named Erin's Calendar and it had dates for eveyone's grandkids and children in law.  However, I saw a few problem dates on Helen's last few.  Asked her for confirmation on dates. She did not know all.  I do not understand.  I can always remember all  my grandkids dates.  We reconciled all of them except for Seth.  I decided that it was likely that when he was born in 2009 she was still blogging.  I had Oct 2.  Went looking at her blog.  In October 2009 she was scanning old pics and posting them.

Here is her picture

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