Saturday, November 05, 2016

Up and at 'em

Early this am.  Woke up in time to go to work at 5, but did not work, just played.

Helen says she needs a photo editor to write text on photos and Betty has voice the same want as her copy of Paint Shop Pro we got over 10 years ago does not work on W10.  Luckily I still have a W7 laptop.  Cause, Paint Shop Pro still does more than any others I have found, but then I have only tried FREE, not paid.  I think if you do not want to pay for Photo Shop, you may as well go free, and Photo Shop is now over $500 if I remember right.  No, Google says you now have to buy a $10 monthly subscription to Photo Shop, which would be a bargain if you died next month and rather pricey if you lived 5 years.

Anyway, I went searching for a free program that writes on photos.  This is the one I downloaded, and I think it will work on W10.  Fotor.

Text is in the right lower corner.  I shows up better at full size.  And, it was easy to use and optimize for font, size, color and placement on the photo. 

This is the program.

And this is the photo taken this am that I wanted to make a header for the blog from.  I tried my Microsoft office program, the new program Fotor, but in the end had to go to paint shop to erase the wires and resize to non custom sizes.  Neither of the other two programs would help erase or smudge the wires out of the image.  Then, to resize that did not save the ratio, only PS would let me do that. It is 10 or more years old.  What new computers and computer programs all have in common now is they do what the programers have told them to do instead of letting the user decide.

My windows 10 has now updated and it pushes popup adds to the desktop.  Chrome on my Windows 10 decided I needed to search incognito .  Have you ever tired that?  I could not even find sunrise time in GF today cause someone might know I was searching for that.  What good is a secrete search that cannot find anything?  I searched non incognito and found out how to get rid of it.

Goats update.  Our Chocolate Milk Billy is chasing #7 as she is in heat this am.  Big White may not let him close enough to the kid to get this done, which would be fine as she is 8 months old.

Red, in front here, is going to have kids within a couple of weeks, maybe even next week.  George had the barn ready except for making a gate for the pen on the right side of the barn here.  Maybe we will get that done today.  Or, maybe not.

Last evening we cleaned the kids rooms and straightened their dressers.  They get in such a mess because they both just stick clothes wherever. Today I need to mop floors and clean the bathrooms.

Greg's work is going good.  He is working today, so will not be home.  Maybe next weekend.  I am just glad he has a job that he likes.

I am predicting that Hillary will win Tuesday, not a landslide but a substantial victory.  Still, it is all a big mess.  I keep remembering 2012 when the Repubs were so sure they had a winner even up thru the first part of election night.  I think this is going to be much the same, but not quite as many elector votes a 2012.  The problem is it will never be over.  It just gets worse day by day. 


Sister--Three said...

I might try fotor or maybe not as it does not sound too great.

Winnie Sneed said...

There are real threats up here in KC by the Trump is really scary. My friends and I are just going to watch here at the house...we are too afraid to go to the organized watch party. I wanted to let you know that I got Mike home today around 1:00....whew!!