Thursday, October 06, 2016

Willis and Hazel Gaddy Powell 1936

The back says, Willis & Hazel Powell 1936 in front of school at Denver Ark.

Picture from Helen.


Sister--Helen said...

Mama gave me this picture years ago....Patsy had given her the frame....I am sure she said something like this....Patsy gave me this frame and I put the picture in it ...It is in my way....Mama always said that..Do you want it? .So Thursday Fleta was up here looking at it cause I just sat it out...I told Fleta where it came from and asked if she wanted it...It was not really in my way but it was not a prized passion....Fleta said yes....Then sister Betty came up yesterday...Fleta had the picture and frame it was in and leaned over to Betty and said ....Helen gave me this do you want it....Betty said yes....Before they left it had been given to Erin..We are all more like Mama than we want to admit

Sister--Three said...

Fleta and I are both good at giving away your treasures!!