Sunday, October 23, 2016

Spelling Bee winners made the paper...

Green Forest School tells Spelling Bee winners
 Green Forest School recently held their annual school spelling bee for this year. The Carroll County Spelling Bee will be held at 9 a.m. Wednesday, Jan. 11 in the Intermediate Building Library. The alternate date if weather is inclement is Wednesday, Jan. 18. Attendees should be mindful that space is limited. Green Forest Spelling Bee winners are as follows:
Fourth grade Green Forest Spelling Bee winners were Keyla Valencia, center, first place; Hannah Aday, right, second; and Cadence Linenbrink, third place.
 Fifth grade Spelling Bee winners, Stephen Cagney, center, first place; Leo Bolen, right, second place; and Elias Hernandez, third place.
 These are the sixth grade Spelling Bee winners, Eboni Brooks, center, first place; Joel Salgado, left, second place; and Elvin Montoya, third place.
 These students were the seven grade Spelling bee winners, Keylah Valero, center; Kenry Gaspar, left, second place; and Brianna Martinez, third place.

Eighth grade Green Forest Spelling Bee winners were, Owen Cisco, center, first place; Llelfer Vasquez, left, second place; and third place was Jordan Perez.

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Sister--Three said...

Our Hannah is a very smart girl!