Saturday, October 22, 2016

Permanent Day

And a cool fall day.  Themo says 41 this morning.  Yesterday was about like the same.  But, until yesterday, most of our lows were in the 60's.  Not ordinary fall weather.  I can even remember a time or two when we had snow on Halloween. 

But, as to permanent day.  Yesterday I got a perm.  I want to remember the date, so here it is.  The hair dresser said I had the last one on July 19, but I think it was June 19 because I think it was before we went west this summer.

Our big annual audit at work is over and we did very good, for a change.  Our last few audits have not been that good.

This evening Greg is taking the kids to a monster truck thingy at Harrison.  The boy is really excited.

Speaking of, I have to go now and make pancakes for him.

1 comment:

Sister--Three said...

I am getting a perm November 2
Last one was in August but I thought July!!
Since they write it on an index card, we are probably wrong!!