Sunday, September 18, 2016

Working on Sunday

Greg made this bird feeder hanger for Helen.  He said not to take a picture of it head on because it was not straight enough for him.  He said Helen was not very good help and  he would straighten it up later when he had a better helper.

Hannah ready for school last Monday in the hand me down dress from Aunt Helen.  She loved it.

And today Daddy bought them each a bird.  I was not pleased but they say they will take care of them.  This one was said to be Robert's.  The one Hannah picked had a lot of blue on  him and is prettier, but he bites.  I bet by next week, this one is Hannah's and Robert has the biter.


Sister--Three said...

Grandma Powell had birds, remember?
Larry's mom liked them. Too mess for me!

Sister--Three said...


Winnie Sneed said...

I remember Uncle Floyd having such pretty birds.