Tuesday, September 27, 2016

My Take

on lots of things.

I decided about 2 weeks ago that I was spending to much time watching, reading and in general consuming TV and net news, or what 'They' now call news.  So, I am boycotting both TV and net news.  I have only listened to a few minutes of news since that time and have only checked the fivethirtyeight website a few times to see the 'numbers' on the election.  Our girl's numbers have steadily declined in those two weeks.  Now it is 55.5 vs 44.5.  At one time her number was above 80%.

But last night, I thought I would watch the debate.  That lasted about an hour and I turned off the bloob tube.  It is all so depressing.

Before the boycott, I would get the feel of the times by checking several news websites to see what was at the top of the page and was it positive or negative, never going below the top frame. This morning I did that check and find Hilary is coming out positive,  Trump not so much.

That is it.  Back to the boycott.

I have come to believe that 'the media' IS to blame for Trump.  They all need something to sell to bring back the audience.  He sells, the media buys.  If they did not buy Trump, he would  not have made it on the podium last night because he is not going to buy any of the things he is selling.  If you do buy what he is selling, he says you are a chump.  And on that point, he is correct.  God help us if more than 50% of voters buy what he is selling.

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Winnie Sneed said...

Wow...you didn't watch The Donald crumble...Hillary won big time with 62% to 28%.... He interrupted her 70 times in the first 30 minutes...he was NOT prepared and she rocked.