Thursday, September 01, 2016

Happy, Happy

Birthday Laura. I always think of the Redhead as the first of Daddy's second bunch of grandkids. My week is almost over. So far so good. Weather is turning cooler and that is a good thing. Greg got a job at Western Grove. He is liking it so far. It is a day job local. Something he has not tired in a long time. Tomorrow night he is taking the kids to the fair. I like to go look at the exhibits, but their only interest is riding the rides. I hope no one gets hurt. I am making meatloaf and oven potatoes for dinner. The kids come in from school starved so I try to have it ready at 4 but did not make it tonight. This weekend is a 3 day weekend for me and the kids. I am planning on doing nothing. I may try to download a book to read. Or, maybe not.


Sister--Three said...

Daddy was with me when Laura was born. He paced the floor.
Well, not in the room. He was at the hospital. At that time no one was in the room with you.

Sunshine said...

Thank you Aunt Fleta!