Monday, August 22, 2016


When I transferred my land line phone number to a cell phone, I did not contact the land line phone company.  My thinking was when they turned off my dial tone, there was nothing left for them to  bill me for.  Surprise, today I got my regular email from them saying my statement was ready.  I read this from my phone at work, but waited until  I got home to login on the web and see what was up.  I was thinking I would have to call and argue with them for an hour.  Sure enough, when I logged in there was a statement for 08/22/16.  But, Surprise, it said amount due $00000.  I am so disappointed I do not get to call the phone company and yell at them.

Things are great here.  The kids are liking school and are playing outside more after school.  Hannah thinks up things for them to play and gives Robert his orders.  Sometimes they play cars and trucks, but yesterday, they played Rodeo.

I think Helen's kids are supposed to get their new house today.  I hope so. She said yesterday she was having to pee in the ocean.

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Winnie Sneed said... many tears tonight as I read Sue's post on FB....she is so broken hearted about Paul and realizing he no longer knows who she is....I surely hate Alzheimer's