Monday, May 16, 2016

Sold some, and gained some

Saturday, we sold Bertha, another grown nanny and 4 kids.

Patches was the other nanny we sold.  She was our smallest nanny.  We sold her 3 kids and one billy off the black nanny.  We won't know until Wednesday how much they sold for.

We tied Bertha because she is so bossy she picks on the others when they are confined and cannot get away.

That left us with 5 grown nannies, one grown billy, 4 nannies about 2 months old and a back up billy that is about 2 months old.

This morning Cher had two baby girls.

The one on the right is stronger than the other one.  We need to keep them locked up for a few days.  All the goats are locked in the pen right now.  It is raining and really cool for the middle of May.

Thanks to Helen for watering her plants so it would rain.  The rain is really good on the garden.

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