Monday, May 09, 2016

Mother and the garden

Jr got me this pink dogwood for M day.  It has goat protection.

Sunday morning before going to Church, I asked George to get the tiller started for me so I could till the garden when I got back.  By the time I got home, he had tilled the entire garden. It looks so much better now.

The mother of our goat herd is doing fine.

George also moved the old shed out of the goat pen,  It looks so much better now.

I have planted almost 2 rows of tomatoes, sweet peppers,  2 rows of potatoes, some squash, cucumbers, onions, lettuce and radishes.  The tomatoes and peppers are doing great.  The potatoes did not come up good and the lettuce almost not at all.  I probably have only one full row of potatoes from the two rows.  Today it is raining, so it should all take off now.

Today was my lucky day.  I killed a deer on the way work today.  Driving a tank has its advantages.  The only damage was the plastic flap below the bumper was knocked loose.  George came to work and reattached it.  Did not even have to bring the tank home.  Robert and Hannah will loved that I killed a deer.  It was up by the graveyard by  town.  Maybe they saw it this morning on the way  to school.

Only a couple of weeks and school will be out.  We are so excited about our July vacation.

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Sister--Helen said...

gosh you killed that deer