Sunday, April 10, 2016

Old news

The goat pen, one week ago.

And last Thursday.

And this am.
With the panel fence to separate the garden from the goats.  I have planted Helen's tomatoes and peppers, onion, lettuce, and radishes.  Tomorrow, I will get some potatoes to plant and more onions to finish out the spring greens row.  Helen's plants made about 3/4 a row.  I plan on having 2 full rows of tomatoes and peppers.  I am afraid Helen's peppers are hot and I want sweet peppers.  A couple of hot pepper plants will supply all of Carroll County and she had about 10.  Maybe some of them are sweet, but I don't much think so.

Have to get ready for Church now.  I have walked 6 miles this am and got rained on a little.  It did not hurt me and will be good for the garden.  I have not been walking as much as I should, but plan on doing better.  Maybe.

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Sister--Three said...

I walked two miles...thought I did good ...until I read your 6.