Friday, February 05, 2016

Tuesday was hair day

Since I have not posted all week,  here is my week in the news.

Monday was George's birthday.  He is old.

Tuesday, I got my hair permed.  I like to know this info when my hair gets to looking like a home for a wondering dead bird, so here it is.

Wednesday, was BS night.  Pam has major health problems so we now have a new Wednesday BS teacher for the K-3 age group on Wednesday.  Marie still does the Sunday BS.

Thursday, was JR's B-Day and the old crow returned to Arkansas in his honor.  She is full of hot air as usual.

I  have not been walking on some of the colder days, but I did get back in the groove and do my 3 miles yesterday.  It is supposed to be in the 50's all weekend, so I guess I am out of excuses.

In a moment of weakness a couple of weeks ago, I told Hannah she could get a kitten.  So far I have not located a kitten for let.  I hope my good luck holds out.

Friday, on Fakebook, George saw that James Dale Williams died yesterday.  Brend said it was a heart attack.

Today is go home early day and I do not have to go buy groceries like last Friday.  Hooray.

That is all the news that is not news this week.


Sunshine said...

It took me several minutes to figure out BS was not bull Sh** but Bible Study

Sister--Three said...

Poor of James Dale...his sins caught up with him. Hope he asked forgiveness for his treatment of sweet BGP!