Tuesday, January 19, 2016


is probably not going to be a good day.  So far we only have a little misting of ice, but Springfield has glaze ice on all their roads.  If we get ice, I will not go in tomorrow.  Hannah is hoping for a no school day again.

At least I was missed at work.  It amazes me how they sometimes can not figure out how to do the simplest things.  A customer requested some data from our computer data.  Not only did the man not know how to get the data, he wasn't even sure we had the data to be gotten.  Someday, I am going to retire and he will really be lost.  Especially if he does not grow a backbone, which does not seem likely at this late date.  Anyway, I was missed.

It is really cold here, around 27 or so and I did not walk today.  Monday morning it was 13 degrees and I had a good walk.  The difference is wind and moisture.  Monday there was no wind and the air was really dry.  I have logged 64 miles this year with 5 zero days.

Tomorrow is probably going to be even worse with ice and snow.  You would think it was winter.


Sister--Three said...

Nice to be wanted.

Hope the snow and ice misses me!
I will not miss it!

It was miserable today.
Tonight is pay day for me--ss check.

Erin said...

Roads are slick here. Greta had gymnastics at 645 pm. Greg said she really enjoyed the ride home and the slipping and sliding. I think she was the only one.

Sister--Helen said...

glad you made it to work...as clayton always said and YOU know...look to Tulsa for your weather tomorrow...