Sunday, November 22, 2015

Miles to go...

Is 150, but as of today, I have logged 1100 miles since January 1. So, I am going to make my resolution goal of 100 miles each month this year.

Today's walk was the same walk as yesterday, but the weather was better, even though it was colder.  It was, I think 22 degrees when I started out at 7, but stuff was not falling the wind was not blowing.  Also, I wrapped up better.  I did not get cold at all, but it was slow going because I took the new camera.  Taking pictures slows me down. I am liking the new camera better and  better.  It was so frustrating to try to take pics with the one I had only to have the camera say, no way.

This was taken a couple of days ago.  He is watching the goats here.

And watching the deer here.

Everything was coated with frost this morning.  We had our first frost on November 8th this year.  I remember from when I was young, Daddy saying that the average first day of frost was always around October 10, Richard's birthday.

Frost everywhere.

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