Monday, July 13, 2015

Just call us the rainmakers

We have made rain in the desert all along our journey.

It rained on us in the mountains from the Arches to Bryce Canyon.

It rained on us at Bryce Canyon.

On rained on us in the desert up by Holbrook.

It rained on us at the painted desert.

It poured rain on us a half dozen times between Holbrook and Santa Rosa, all desert.

And It was raining on us coming into Santa Rosa.

We are headed home as soon as I get the kids up.  George says we might stay in a motel tonight, but I am sure once  he hits Tulsa, we will go on home.

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Sister--Three said...

Helen made a lot of rain on Douglas Road without you.

But it is so hot it has evaporated. So you can bring