Monday, July 06, 2015

A room with a view...

of downtown Moab, Utah.

We have a room with a small balcony overlooking downtown Moab, Utah.  George and the kids love to open the door and hang over the railing.
This morning we went to 4 corners.  Most of those pics are on the big camera.  I have only put the phone pics on my pter for now.
We had a great time in Durango.  All the kids enjoyed playing together.
I saw two deer this morning.  But, tonight, George's niece has posted a pic of a black bear in this same spot. George is going to try to share it on his a facebook for all to see.
I will post more pics later from the big computer.
Tomorrow we are going to Arches National Park and maybe Canyonlands park depending on how long we spend at the Arches.  Both parks are right here.
We are having a great time.  It is hot here, but was really nice in Durango.

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Sister--Three said...

So glad you're having a good trip. It is good to see the pictures.