Sunday, April 26, 2015

Cemetery Day

Friday, April 3rd, not much grass or weeds.

Arpil 3rd,again.

Today, April 26th, before we mowed.  Lots of grass and some weeds, but no bushes.

We started at 1:30 and were done 3 hours later. I mowed and George ran the weedeater.

This was the quickest we  have ever got it cleaned the first mowing of the year.  I only killed the mower one time on a rock, and did not get the mower hung up on any of the little stumps.  Maybe someday we can even use the riding mower, but we need to fill in  some depressions from the groundhogs. We did not find any active groundhog dens, also a first.  Now we are tired.


Sister--Three said...

I like the irises!

That roundup helped some I guess!

Sister--Three said...

Yes, I would like a yellow iris when I come up...will be a few weeks before I make it up there.