Monday, March 09, 2015


No walk.

I did make 5 miles yesterday, 224 for the year.

I downloaded some books and I am reading the Jerry Lee Lewis book by Bragg.  I am really enjoying it, but really only because I love Rick Bragg's writing.  His books are like poetry.  I do not need to like a person to like a book about them.  I knew that he was a cousin to Jimmy Swagart, but did not know Mickey Gilley was also his cousin.  And I did not know they grew up so close in a very close knit family.  I have others to read when I get this one read.

Robert is also reading books  He has advanced a lot in his reading just since the first of the year.  We are reading books every night now, and they are sending little copies home for him to read almost every day.  It is just wonderful to hear him start to sound out words.

When we are reading at night, sometimes Hannah has to help me pronounce the words.  I took them to the library Saturday and they each have their own library card now.

I have found a new children's book help at our library called tumblebooks.  You have to have a library login, but then it has read along books, where the computer or tablet reads the words.  I am going to try it with the kids tonight.  If you have K-3 children and your library has it, you should try it.  Helen, you could try it with your Green Forest library card.  You do have to go to the Green Forest page, not just the main library page.  I know Hannah is going to really like this, and maybe Robert too.


The 4th Sister said...

Fleta...I will get right on that read to me page....Maybe it could help me read.....Remember Winnie Jo in your prayers Wednesday she has a procedure...I am just sure all is well...I could hardly finish the JLLewis book....but do love Bragg

Sister--Three said...

I liked how Bragg wrote that book and we could see jerry lee and jerry lee liked his book too I bet. I think that is a great compliment to Bragg. Poor pitiful jerry lee.

So glad our boy is learning to read.