Saturday, April 13, 2013

My name is Helen...

Yesterday, when I got off work at noon, we went to Harrison and bought chicken wire.  George is going to fix the pen around the chicken house with wire over the pen so we can put the chickens out there and Chicken Hawk cannot get them.

Then, we went window shopping for a new vehicle.  I am going to get an SUV type vehicle so I can haul all the grandkids plus a few more kids if I want to .  My plan is, this summer, we are taking all 4 grandkids on a vacation.  It was after 5 when we got home.  I was tired.

But, I found a dead mouse in the closet.  So, I took everything out of the closet, threw about half of the contents away, washed all my clothes.  Well, I finished washing them today.  But, I took them all out of the closet and put what I did not get washed on the back porch until I could get them washed today..  I threw some of George's old clothes away also, but I did not wash what he had left.  Only my stuff.

Today, I made a run to wally world to buy a shovel before 8 am.  Then, I came home and made George a big breakfast.  Breakfast and shovel are connected.  I had whined until I got him to agree to go to the cemetery today, and cut thorny bushes so I could put stump killer on them before they sprouted even more this spring.  Breakfast and grilled steaks tonight were both bribes.

And, we bought cement yesterday to repair the 5 gravestones that are down.  I say we, but he will do most of that also.  We needed a shovel for that, but forgot to get one yesterday.

We [he] cut brush for about 4 hours today, but he has to sharpen his chain saw chain before we can cut more.

Tomorrow, we have to go back and haul off the brush we cut today.  And, he is going to take the tractor down there so we can raise one of the stones that is down in a hole.  It is a fairly large newer stone that someone placed down there about  20 years ago, so it will be heavy lifting, even with the help of the tractor, so I have asked son to go help us tomorrow.

George will really need son's help tomorrow, because today's helper is pooped out.  Tonight, her name reverted to Fleta, and she is feeling old and stiff.  May just sleep through tomorr


Sister--Three said...

I keep forgetting to tell you that your pot holders are on Erin's front porch in a small box--4 of them.

Erin said...

Jason sells cars at wood motor in hrsn. Nissan side. FYI

The 4th Sister said...

Oh I'll bet you feel really good if you are me.