Thursday, March 07, 2013

Thursday, March 7, The Bible says

Let the dead bury the dead, but, I don't think Aunt Helen buried herself.  She was buried where her husband chose to bury her in the manner he chose to bury her and the wording on her grave stone were his words.

Today is a beautiful day.  Saturday, George is taking the big billy goat back to the hills.  We have had him penned up for about 2 weeks now.

It is supposed to be really nice tomorrow and Saturday.  I plan on enjoying the spring weather.

 Title: Civil Servant of the Year Dinner.Date: January 18, 1962

Accession number: 62-709-08


The 4th Sister said...

well Fleet if you die first and george remarries we will make sure he is burried between both you and his new wife...I wonder what good thing we could write on the stone....I am sure there will be NO 'rest in peace"

The 4th Sister said...

I did not know Uncle Lucky's name till today

Sister--Three said...

Helen, the reason to write on the stones is that people like Fleta and I are looking for the stones. People like you are putting flowers there.

I recall that Grandma Gaddy literally hated Norman Y. Daddy was at one time her least favorite son in law but time fixes all things as in the end she spoke very highly of Daddy and she told me once "Hazel was the lucky one"..."she has all you kids to take care of her". This was at a time when no one really wanted the job of taking care of Grandma. I have a letter she wrote raving about Normon Y. Seems like she used the word HATE!

The 4th Sister said...

I think if people really have a 'love of their life' Uncle Luckey was helen's... and it must be said even though he is dead...Norman was a con artist and a wind bag! and that's all there is to that! and I would not put it past him at all when helen was not looking to have said something mean to Granny.