Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday, January 13, blowing COLD...

It was 26 degrees this am, but we did not get much falling stuff overnight.  It was raining early on yesterday evening, but stopped around 9 or 10.  This morning is really cold, and we have had a little falling ice pellets, but nothing accumulating. I went for a walk this morning, all bundled up.

I walked out to Dan's gate and back, about 1.2 miles.

These birds were all in the trees, eating the berries and buds.  They have a yellow cast to their underbelly and at the tip of their tails, and have a top knot on their heads.  I am  not sure what kind of birds they are.  They would not fly off when I approached them.

The goats were in the barn when I went out, but were out grazing when I came back.

Birds over brother's house.

In the hackberry tree across the road from my mail box, the tree in the center of the photo below.

The babies are still here.  If the roads are bad this afternoon, we will just keep them another day.  ES will not have school if there is anything on the roads.  The girl is down with the neighbor girl, because she has a birthday this week, the neighbor, not my girl.  The boy stayed here last night and felt slighted, so Grandma took him to town and bought a toy.  Guess what he bought?

Yesterday, I took a drive over by Peden's and around the Y, thinking we might see some Eagles either on Newberry's turkey houses or Peden's chicken houses, but all we saw was a bunch, maybe 2 dozen, of the birds below resting in the trees down on Callen's Branch.

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Sister--Three said...

Doctor said my bones are thin but he did not say to take that bonevia stuff they advertise. he said to take a calcium supplement with vitamin d each day. I am so happy.

My new camera will really zoom. The battery holds up well too and Larry ordered me 2 extra batteries from Amazon.