Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Robert's Story

Has anything exciting happened in your life today?

Yesterday, I took the pretty red headed baby shopping because Wednesday is her third birthday. It was a great success. First, I asked do we want to shop for clothes or toys? TOYS!!!!!! No clothes for the red head.

But, first we had to go to 'Donalds and eat. She is really easy. Once we had eaten, she said, 'We go home now?' But, we did not, we went to Target and looked at toys. She picked out a little barbie doll thingy with two little 3 inch dolls and a bunch of tiny bangles that I know would be lost within 5 minutes of opening the package. So, I steered her to a BIG little peoples doll house. It opens up and has several pieces of little furniture that is attached and can not become separated from the house and lost under the bed. It has a door bell and a phone bell and the two love playing with it together. Then, she wanted one of those tea sets that come with 45 pieces. More things to scatter all over the house. I steered her towards a talking tea pot that teaches something. I did not even look to see what. Maybe shapes or counting. It had only a teapot with an attached lid, two cups, one plate and 3 pieces of plastic food for the plate. We got that and she loves it also.

Then, we went to Walmart and got something for brother. She is a true little sister. She really wanted to get Robert a car. She says, 'Robert likes cars.' But, I decided on a tool set with a battery operated screw driver, bolts and a plastic board to screw them into. Oh, yes, and a carrying tool caddy that is just right for him to carry. He likes to put things in things and carry them around. They both love the screw driver.

All and all it was a wonderful shopping trip, Hannah was very pleased with big bags of toys. When her Mama got home she was so excited to tell her 'Look Mommy, I got lots of toys.'

They are all here, including Mommy and Daddy. We are going to work on the back room today. Last evening, Robert and Papa got in the truck and drove off. No one knew where they went. When Robert gets back he runs in and tells his Mama. Crash! Got stuck, push button. Crash! I could not understand all the words, but it was obvious he was telling a story. His Mama interpreted the story for us. When Papa came in, we asked him what happened. They took a salt block down in the pasture for the deer. They got stuck. He pushed the 4x4 button and they got unstuck. They got in the back of the truck and pushed the salt block out. Crash!.

So, the big even of my life is Robert told a story.


Sister--Three said...

What a glorious day you had.

The 4th Sister said...

Benjamin got to come over last night and stay a little while. His mama had a DR's appointment...He was FULL of stories...they are doing a Christmas skit at school.they are all going to be Rudolph because it would not be fair if he was the only Rudolph...Most of the kids in his class were in trouble yesterday but not him...Benjamin Lane, his best friend, climbed on the table...that is a BIG no no....Benjamin is very much like his Mama at that age...He just does not understand why all of the kids just do not do as they are told!