Sunday, October 18, 2009

Truth is stranger than fiction?

I can not decide what to use as a title for this post because there are just way too many possibilities to choose from

I subscribe to several mailing lists about genealogy but there is only one that actually has useful information. It is Roots L and if you like genealogy you are sure to find something interesting on the list. To subscribe go here
I can hear Helen's mouse clicking.

People on the list post their genealogy question and hope someone will post an answer. Listers are always asking for help finding genealogy records on line. For census records there is the big and then there is the smaller Heritage Quest that is only available through library subscriptions. The Harrison Library used to have this service, but I am not sure if it does now or not. You just went to the Harrison Library, clicked on the Heritage Quest link and put in your library card number. Of course, if you did not have a Harrison Library card number you were out of luck. Heritage Quest is available like this through thousands of libraries.

Some one is always posting that anyone can get Heritage Quest free through their library. Of course, it is not offered at all libraries, but many of these people have been visiting with the dead so long, they do not keep up with the real real ways of the living world.

Well, it seems one Oklahoma library has also been commiserating with the dead far too long. They have a Heritage Quest link on their page with instructions to click on the link and use your library card example xyz123 to log in. The only thing is, they did not use xyz123, they used a real working library card number. Someone has posted this link to the Roots L list. So, if you want to look at records on Heritage Quest, you can go to the following link and follow the explicit instructions. Better hurry, because when they open Monday they will likely cancel that card number if they can figure out how to do that. Or, more likely, Roots L users will soon crash the server.


Sister--Three said...

this summer the Pope Co.Library told me about offering Heritage Quest and you signed on as you said. I read so many good books on line. You could search a topic and then read all you wanted. You could search about some long dead folks and find things about them in old books. I have not visited there in a while, but your post reminded me I should go sign in again.

I am reading Julie/Julia and enjoying it. Julie is Julie Powell btw. I read a book about Johnny Cash being a paradox and it was pretty good too. the best one I read was about the Phiffers of Clark County, Ar. It was really good. One of the Phiffers married Ernest Hemingway. I know I spell Phiffer wrong.

Well, you can see I went to the Library last week. You can't spend all your time moving. But I am glad I got my 3 bowls moved.

Sister--Three said...

Fleta, I clicked on the link and it is still working...anyone can get on Heritage still.