Saturday, October 03, 2009

Family Calendar

I have always thought that Melissa talked just like her mother. Her voice does not sound the same, but her accent and her words sound just like Helen.
Melissa is just as much a pest as her mother. But, her mother is the one that cannot spell.
We have had to update the calenders again, because of the fussy twosome. I have put both calenders here
I will try to remember where they are and put one in this same place each year. I know I did one and put it somewhere on the web last year, but I cannot remember where it is. Oh well, it would not have suited the fuss budgets anyway.
The babies are here. We are going to go to McDonald's this afternoon and eat and play. They enjoy playing there and I enjoy getting to just sit and watch. They have a park in Green Forest but it is a lot of work to take them to a regular park. You have to push them on the swings, watch that they don't fall off, and watch that they do not leave the park. At McDonald's they are contained within the play equipment and cannot fall out and contained within the play area by a fence. As long as I sit between them and the door, I can just sit in the sun and let them play. The last time we stayed about 2 hours.


Sister--Three said...

they are precious little jewels.

The 4th Sister said...

thank you Fleta for fixing the Calendar..