Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Last day, back to the grind tomorrow

Grandson was here Sunday night and went back Monday. All he did was sit in my chair and take control of the TV. He pretended to be very concerned because Grandma kept saying she was sick and was going to die, but he would not let me have the nice chair or watch the news on TV. And, he has not called once since Monday to see if I am alive or dead. I think he was just pretending to worry about my impending death.

I did get the back room clean up. I threw away a lot of pieces of broken toys.

The biggest problem was really the closet. George helped with that by taking everything out, vacuuming the floor, and then putting back all the things I did not throw away. It is much better organized now and I did throw away some things.

One thing I threw away was a big stack of notebooks I had hand written notes about dead people. Even if there was something in there, I would never have been able to find it, especially since I did not know it was there. Now it has all gone to the smoke stack in the sky, or will once George gets around to burning the pit again.

Next Sunday is Robert's fourth birthday. I got him a clickstart computer that hooks to a TV. I do not know if it will be useful or not, but it will be as useful as a toy truck or airplane. Uncle Junior and Aunt Laura bought him 2 games to for it, Thomas the train and Bob the builder, but Junior does not know that yet. I have them all wrapped and I am going to take them over later today so his mother will know what not to buy him.

I got the baby girl a butterfly set for the bathtub. She loves Beat-er-bies. These paddle through the water when you pull the string, no batteries. She will love them.

Back to work tomorrow, but just two days and then a week end off.

Greg will be 36 tomorrow. Happy Birthday, son...

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The 4th Sister said...

fleta you have been sick for a long time...have you been to a Dr?